Co Curricular Services

Student Exchange Program

Student exchange programmes have immense benefits for students as they become aware of alternative, culturally different modes of learning and living. It goes a long way in truly making students citizens of the world.

Education tours: National/Global

Specialized Tours e.g. NASA, CERN, Manchester United Football Club, MCG, UN etc.

Medical Services

We assist in arranging the various medical services and medical practitioners that are required for a school. Along with that, we also facilitate workshops on medical awareness.

Faculty Exchange Program

Faculty exchange programmes are excellent avenues to expose students to a culturally varied and diverse learning experience. We help you facilitate the process of inviting faculties from different boards across the world.

Event Management

We conduct / handle a variety of school related events such as carnivals, annual days, baby shows, award functions, admission events etc.

Health & Wellness

We facilitate medical insurance of the students and staff at competitive prices, and arrange for experts to handle sports injuries.

Sports Activities

Sports influence the physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development of students and foster active citizenship and social inclusion. Our various services help your school build an impactful sporting facility.

School Operation Management

We offer expert services in documenting and finalising best practices and standard operating procedures for daily practices.